Science “Not Settled” on Causes of Dust Bowl Says Oklahoma Senator

1931—Speaking on Historical Fox & Friends News Radio Hour last night, Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma told listeners that despite the “best efforts of Hollywood elitists” and “well-heeled agricultural scientists” to convince the world there’s a Dust Bowl in Oklahoma caused by drought and poor farming techniques, in fact the science is “not settled.”

“There’s no consensus at all that anything out there is human-induced. Heck, it’s not even clear there are clouds of dust at all,” said Inhofe. “I believe it’s a hoax.”

Inhofe has been crusading for financial backing for cash-strapped farmers in his home state, “hard-working Americans whose livelihoods are imperiled by this hoax of the so-called ‘Dust Bowl.’”

Inhofe said he has “read all the wild mainstream media reports of dust blackening out the sun and top soil blowing away overnight.”

He urged his listeners to look past the liberal media bias and listen to emissaries from the Heartland, like himself.

“Come out to Oklahoma, you’ll see – there’s always dust blowing around. It’s totally natural. There’s no ‘dust bowl,’” said the Senator. “There are ‘dust changes,’ sure, but in Oklahoma dust changes are as normal as seeing a cow picked up by a tornado, or getting a tick on your balls.”

“I know the scientists getting rich off the cottage industry of Dust Bowl grants don’t want you to know it, but God’s still up there. And these clouds of dust – if there even are clouds of dust, which I seriously doubt – these alleged clouds of dust are more than likely just a biblical punishment for the sins of decadent coastal elites.”

“They are certainly nothing out of the ordinary, and should not discourage American investors from putting their hard-earned capital to work in the Sooner State.”

Disclaimer: In case you are a confused Fox News reader, please know this is a parody site that has nothing to do with the real Fox News, which started in 1996 and never covered any historical events before then. But if they had, America would already be great again.