Slaves Claim Confederate Battle Flags Create “Hostile Work Environment”

Atlanta, Georgia, 1863—Exclusive from the Confederate States of America: Slaves at three leading cotton plantations in Georgia are demanding their masters remove Confederate Battle Flags from the properties, claiming the flags create a “hostile work environment” that “demeans their self-esteem.”

Since the commencement of hostilities with the North, the flags ring the perimeter of many Southern plantations.

The plantation owners say they initially received oral petitions to remove the flags, and later received a written petition from a committee of slaves led by a field hand named Pompey. Pompey’s petition, obtained by Historical Fox News, reads in part:

“We, your bondservants, humbly request that you remove the symbols of the Confederate Army from the fields we sow and plow on your behalf. The flags are a constant reminder that we are discriminated against, and they regularly trigger a flood of negative self-images. We believe the display of this symbol of oppression constitutes harassment, and therefore violates the Masters Code of Conduct.”

Unable to find a “Masters Code of Conduct” in the Georgia statutes, or in any statutes of the Confederate States, an Atlanta Magistrate struck down the oral and written petitions and ordered 100 stripes for all of the slaves who brought them forth.

While confined in prison, ring leader Pompey was asked by an Historical Fox News correspondent how he would define “harassment,” a legal term with which the correspondent was not familiar. Pompey described it as, “Any behavior (verbal, written, or physical) that abuses, assails, intimidates, demeans, victimizes, or has the effect of creating a hostile environment for any person.”

When the correspondent pointed out that this sounded like a condition of legal enslavement, Pompey had the effrontery to respond, “Exactly.”

The masters of all three plantations have decided to leave the flags in place.

Disclaimer: In case you are a confused Fox News reader, please know this is a parody site that has nothing to do with the real Fox News, which started in 1996 and never covered any historical events before then. But if they had, America would already be great again.