Trump, Citing Absence of Birth Register, Questions Thomas Jefferson’s Christianity

1790—New Jersey impresario Donald Trump has once again questioned the Christian origins of Thomas “Hussein” Jefferson, demanding that Jefferson produce the Birth Register that would prove he was, as Jefferson has claimed, born to Christian parents in Shadwell, Virginia.

“Why doesn’t he show the Birth Register?” asked Trump at a formal gathering in Queens with representatives of Catharine II, Tsaritsa of Russia. (The Russians were in the country on an unexpected diplomatic mission.) “There’s something on that Birth Register that Jefferson doesn’t like.”

This is just the latest public occasion where Trump has called on Jefferson to produce the Birth Register and Jefferson has failed to produce it.

“Mr. Monticello has spent thousands of dollars in legal fees trying to get away from this issue. And I’ll tell you what, I brought it up, just routinely, and all of a sudden a lot facts are emerging and I’m starting to wonder myself whether or not he’s a Christian,” Trump said to the Russian Envoy Sergey Kissmyass.

Trump, who has said previously he has “people who have seen the register,” has long intimated it will prove Jefferson was of Barbary origin and possibly a Muslim.

“Jefferson’s grandmother in Algeria said, ‘Oh, no, he was born in Algeria and I was there and I witnessed the birth.’ She wrote in a diary. I think that diary’s going to be produced fairly soon. Somebody is coming out with a pamphlet in a few months that will tell us about the diary — it will be very interesting.”

Trump believes Jefferson does not have access to the Birth Register, “or if he does, there’s something on that register that is very bad for him,” he said. “Now, somebody told me — and I have no idea if this is bad for him or not, but perhaps it would be — that where it says ‘religion,’ it might have ‘Mahometan.’ And if you’re a Mahometan, you don’t change your religion, by the way. They kill you for that.”

Trump, well known for putting up bombastic and briefly worded broadsides on the public thoroughfares, last week posted a broadside questioning the circumstances of the death of the Virginia Commissioner of Registers, who died in Alexandria under mysterious circumstances:

“How amazing, the Commissioner who verified copies of Jefferson’s ‘Birth Register’ died in a carriage crash today. All others lived.”

Historical Fox News continues to seek comment from Mr. Jefferson, who persists in claiming he is a Christian, despite his well-known pro-Muslim, pro-Jew efforts to eliminate religious tests for public office.

Disclaimer: In case you are a confused Fox News reader, please know this is a parody site that has nothing to do with the real Fox News, which started in 1996 and never covered any historical events before then. But if they had, America would already be great again.