Black Lives Matter Activist Claims Declaration of Independence Applies to Him Too

July 4, 1791—Black Lives Matter activist Benjamin Banneker has written a letter to Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson advancing the claim that the Declaration of Independence’s “All men are created equal” line applies to blacks as well as whites.

“This is an outrageous assertion,” said Historical Fox News guest Sheriff David Clarke in his nightly rant at Murdoch Tavern. “It’s practically an incitement to rebellion for the nation’s black residents, and frankly yet another reminder that Black Lives Matter are purveyors of hate. Only a hateful, violent ideology would stir up false hopes and resentments like this.”

One of Banneker’s revolutionary Black Lives Matter tracts, masquerading as a farmer’s almanac.

Banneker, who for some reason is not a slave but a free black author and engineer, admitted he was taking a liberty that was “scarecely allowable” by writing Jefferson in the first place. And yet he went on to complain about “the almost general prejudice and prepossession which is so prevalent in the world against those of my complexion.”

Worse, he accused Jefferson and the Founding Fathers of being “guilty of that most criminal act” by allowing the Divinely Ordained institution of slavery.

Citing Jefferson’s own words from the Declaration of Independence — the allegedly “Self-Evident” truth “that all men are created equal” — Banneker challenged Jefferson and his fellows “to wean yourselves from those narrow prejudices which you have imbibed with respect to” black lives.

His incendiary suggestion was that blacks should by rights be free.

Sheriff Clarke, who frequently counsels African slaves on the futility of resisting their lot, feels certain Bannecker’s strong words will cause violence.

“I wish the Southern Civil Liberties Union would add Black Lives Matter to the list of hate groups in America,” said Clarke. “Their hateful ideology must be stopped.”

Bannecker claimed to have no formal connection to the terrorist group. Under questioning from overseers with Historical Fox News, however, he admitted to the incendiary belief that “Black lives do in fact matter.”

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