July 4, 1831: Sanders, Hannity Defend Trump’s Broadsides on Public Thorougfares

July 4, 1830—President Trump’s habit of posting broadsides on the public thoroughfares received new criticism this week from the liberal media after he put up a sharply worded rebuke of Joe Scarborough, editor of the Morning Joe column, and his wife.

1830 broadside by Trump attacking Joe Scarborough and his wife

The poster, which appeared on walls throughout the federal district, read, “I heard low circulation editor Morning Joe writes badly of me (don’t read anymore). Then how come his CRAZY low I.Q. WIFE visited my cottage bleeding badly from wherever? I said no!”

Historical Fox News Town Whiner Sean Hannity and Trump’s spokesperson, Sarah Sanders, vigorously defended the latest broadside.

“I don’t think it’s a surprise to anybody that if you punch this guy, he punches back 100 times harder,” Sanders said while answering a barrage of questions from angry journalists.

In a broadside of his own posted in New York City, Hannity blamed Scarborough: “Maybe liberal Joe should stop calling POTUS a schmuck, a liar, a thug and mentally unhinged. Were they kissing POTUS ass at xmas? Yes.”

This is just the latest broadside from the president to inflame politically correct, liberal sensitivities.

Earlier this year he angered feminists when he took on notorious suffragette Elizabeth Cady Stanton for nasty questions she posed during a debate over whether women should be allowed to own property: “Elizabeth Cady Stanton starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions. You could see there was BLOOD coming from her NETHER REGIONS. In my opinion, she was off base.”

Trump maintains his broadsides are an effective use of social media as a leadership tool, allowing him to reach people directly on the streets bypassing the mainstream press. Liberals, especially in the media, have questioned the tone of his broadsides, which they deem “unpresidential.”

Trump flatly rejected the assertion in a poster two weeks ago: “My use of broadsides isn’t presidential, it’s 19th-CENTURY PRESIDENTIAL. Haters & Losers can SUCK IT.”

Showing the magnanimity for which he is famous, the president today issued a generous-minded tweet to all Americans in honor of Independence Day: “Grand 4th of July to all, even the haters & losers.”

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Trump broadside against Elizabeth Cady StantonTrump broadside on 4th of July, 1830Trump broadside on his use of broadsides








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