Dobbs Bashes Johnny Appleseed Story for Brainwashing Kids to Hate Capitalism

1827—Fox Historical News commentator Lou Dobbs bashed the popular children’s tale Johnny Appleseed this week, pointing out the story’s anti-capitalist message and its “indoctrinating liberal agenda.”

Dobbs says the story encourages children to adopt communistic values such as giving away goods and services for free, operating on five-year economic plans and demonizing capitalists.

“The crying shame,” say Dobbs, “is that the real life Johnny Appleseed was a damn good businessman.”

The children’s character is based on John Chapman of Leominster, Mass. Born in poverty during the Revolutionary War, he acquired dozens of tracts of land on the frontier by planting enough trees to claim parcels under homesteading laws. By the time he died, Chapman owned about 1,200 acres.

“For awhile this guy was a real estate tycoon. Far from giving away seeds, he sold land at a tidy profit. Now that’s a real American hero,” said Dobbs.

But in some versions of the children’s book, Johnny Appleseed is depicted as the victim of greedy landowners who harass his efforts to give away free apple seeds for the good of “the people.”

“Where have we heard this before?” asked Dobbs. “It’s the same old anarchist tale trying to put the makers against the takers. Our liberal-in-chief, President John Quincy Adams, echoes the anti-business message constantly saying everyone should pay their fair share.”

“The President’s liberal friends in the New York publishing world are clearly targeting a younger demographic using clever, illustrated books to sell their agenda to children.”

“Their character sounds more like ‘Commie Appleseed’ to me,” said Dobbs.

According to Dobbs, if people would only learn the story of the real Appleseed, they’d understand what’s wrong with America.

“In the end, his estate was severely reduced due to excessive taxes and litigation,” said Dobbs. “He started out as a hero of American capitalism and died as a poster child for lower taxes and tort reform.”

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