Hannity: So What if Burr Colluded to Seize the Western U.S.? Is That a Crime?

1807—Fox Historical News Town Crier Sean Hannity rushed to the defense of Aaron Burr today after Burr was arrested in Louisiana for allegedly colluding with Mexican and British agents to incite rebellion in the Western territories.

“This is just tin-foil hat conspiracy mongering from our friends in the Liberal Federalist media,” said Hannity speaking to an angry mob in his daily rant outside Murdoch Tavern in New York.

“The Deep State has been out to get Burr ever since Jefferson stole the election from him seven years ago.”

Burr, a well known small government activist and Jefferson’s former vice president, was arrested in Louisiana Territory on charges of treason. Federal agents claim he colluded with Mexican and British spies to provoke a rebellion in the West, separate the Western territories from the U.S. and unite them with parts of Mexico, forming an independent nation under his own rule.

“Look, if Burr communicated with Mexico, what was the crime?” asked Hannity. “Maybe that he talked with some Mexicans about how they could free themselves from Spanish despots? Any real American should be standing up and applauding.”

Several of Hannity’s Fox Historical News associates also rushed to defend Burr.

Britt Hume: “I mean, if he colluded with Spain to incite rebellion on U.S. Territory, obviously that would be alarming and highly inappropriate, but it’s not a crime.”

Geraldo Rivera: “What is the crime? If the Mexican rebel chief is talking to Burr and says, ‘You know, I could use your help starting a new empire out West – do you want to rule it?’ and Burr says, ‘Maybe I’ll get a small army together and consider it.’ That’s not — I don’t know that that’s a crime at all. What’s the crime?”

Michael Reagan: “Collusion is not breaking the law. It was a political move that he made. Just like Thomas Jefferson, when he bought the Louisiana Territory, it was political. It wasn’t breaking the law.”

[Side note: In a fluke of history, in 2017 three people with these exact same names said eerily similar things about President Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia.]

Burr has been in the crosshairs of the liberal establishment ever since he began “defending the little guy against the elites,” said Hannity. “First Hamilton and the Federalists went after him for offering easier credit access to small businessmen, and then the Never-Burrers in his own party turned on him over a bunch of fake news about trying to steal an election.”

“Given the way the Liberal Establishment has schemed against him at every turn, I can hardly blame the guy for wanting to start a new country he could rule out west — not that I’m saying he did that,” added Hannity. “But if he did, let me just say that dude has some big American cojones.”

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