1780: Fox & Friends on Benedict Arnold: “Heck, I’d Have Met With the Brits Too”

1780—Steve Doocey, co-host of Fox & Friends, pointed out it was just not a “very big deal” that conservative Tory and alleged traitor Benedict Arnold reportedly met with a British agent earlier this year.

“Heck, I’d have met with the Brits too,” said Doocey.

Ted Yoho, a representative to the Continental Congress, agreed he would have met with the British also if offered the chance for valuable intelligence.

When asked about recent reports that General Arnold met Major John Andre, director of British Intelligence, in a remote hut in the woods near West Point, Yoho said, “Hey, it’s opposition research, and anybody that’s been in a war knows you’re always looking to get the upper hand.”

“Exactly, said Doocey,” nodding vigorously and smiling.

Liberal so-called “patriots” have been trying to smear Arnold for months with allegations that he is colluding with the British to commit treason.

Arnold lent credence to the smear campaign by inadvertently fleeing from West Point in a long boat and seeking shelter on a British Man-Of-War on the Hudson River shortly after Major Andre was captured. According to reports in the liberal media, Andre was carrying detailed plans of West Point written in General Arnold’s hand.

Arnold has denied the reports for months. Initially, he said he had not met with the British. After intelligence sources leaked documents to the media showing he had in fact met with the British, Arnold offered a logical explanation: Andre asked for the meeting to discuss an adoption program for British children.

“It’s such fake news that he’s supposedly a traitor,” said Doocey. “Fleeing, okay. But what does that prove? Major Andre is the chief British intelligence officer. Intelligence. General Arnold was clearly seeking intelligence from him. Any one of us would have done that, and I’d have been damn proud for that matter.”

“He did it for the children,” said Doocey’s Fox & Friends co-host, Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

Update: In a broadside published from behind the British lines, where he now resides, Arnold recently clarified that everything he did was not “for the children” but “for love of country.”

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