Mexican Government Bans Sanctuary Cities, Vows to Crack Down on U.S. Immigration

1827—Following a failed rebellion in Texas, the Mexican government has outlawed sanctuary cities that harbor rebel Americans. Mexican politicians are also vowing to crack down on illegal immigration from the U.S.

“These immigrant Americans take our jobs and threaten our national security,” said Anastasio Bustamante, regional commandant of Mexico’s Eastern Interior Provinces. “It all starts with the sanctuary cities harboring criminals, rapists and terrorists from the United States.”

Deed for Haden Edwards' colony
Deed for Haden Edwards’ colony, site of Fredonia.

Haden Edwards, the U.S. citizen who led the recent uprising, called the Mexican policies “blatantly racist and Anglophobic.”

Edwards fled Texas last week following the demise of the Republic of Fredonia, which he established on Dec. 21 as a sanctuary community for Anglos.

“We just wanted to create a place where Anglo mothers, fathers and children could pursue their dreams of living in Mexico,” said Edwards.

Thanks to an alliance with neighboring Cherokee Indians, Fredonia held out for almost four weeks, thriving as an Anglo patriot community. The dream ended, however, when Mexican agents tipped off the Cherokees that they would no longer have legal title to Mexican lands if they cooperated with the rebels. Without Cherokee support, the tiny republic collapsed overnight.

“This high-handed behavior by the Mexicans must not be allowed to stand,” said Edwards at a tavern in Shreveport, Louisiana, where he hoped to raise a rebel army to go back to Texas and reestablish Fredonia. “All I’m trying to do is dispossess some people of their land and create a country to call my own. I mean FFS this is America.”

Haden Edwards and map of the Fredonia sanctuary republic.
Haden Edwards and map of the Fredonia sanctuary republic. Courtesy Texas Co-op Power.

Conservative members of Congress are calling on President John Quincy Adams to stand up for the rights of American immigrants in Mexico. They plan to vote next week on a bill to demand that Mexico recognize sanctuary cities for Anglo immigrants.

The despotic Mexican General Santa Ana, meanwhile, is leading calls to build a wall along the Mexican-U.S. border.

He even has the gall to suggest that Americans pay for it.

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