1972: The Left, Not the President, Is To Blame for Secret Cambodian Bombings Explains Bolling Several Different Ways

1972—Historical Fox News Deflection Artist Eric Bolling advanced several different explanations last night all showing in slightly different ways that Democrats and the Left, not @POTUS Richard Nixon or Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, are behind the secret bombings of Cambodia that have roiled the nation this week.

The bombings came to light through a series of leaks and disclosures, some of which may have appeared first in The New York Times. Rather than focus on the illegality of the leaks, leftists have been obsessed with the idea the bombings were illegal. Democrats and media elites are somehow jumping to the conclusion the bombings have been concealed since 1969 because Cambodia is neutral and not technically at war with the U.S.

“The Liberal Media is bending over backwards to blame concealment of the bombings on Nixon. They are completely ignoring all the other extremely obvious explanations that lead right back to the real culprits here, the Democrats and lefties who oppose the war,” said Bolling.

The pundit offered at least four conclusive explanations.

Anti-War activists colluded with North Vietnam. Isn’t it suspicious, asked Bolling, that the facts in The New York Times so conveniently lined up to make it look like Nixon colluded with South Vietnam on the bombings? It’s far more likely, pointed out Bolling, that Tom Hayden and his anti-war crowd colluded with the North Vietnamese, “to pin the covert op on the U.S. and make us look bad, a story the MSM is completely ignoring.”

It’s LBJ’s fault. Yes, the bombings happened under Nixon, but LBJ never did anything to stop them from happening.

It’s JFK’s fault. If you think about it, the impetus for concealed bombings started under JFK, Bolling points out. “The left loves this guy, it’s like he can do no wrong, but he’s the one who got us into Vietnam. Clearly, if anyone bombed Cambodia secretly (and I don’t really think they did), there is only one person to blame, and that’s JFK.”

It’s a hoax. Given that the story first broke in the Times, “a paper hell-bent on destroying Nixon’s presidency,” Bolling concluded it is almost certainly fake news.

When asked whether he agreed with any of Bolling’s theories, the thin, unattractive liberal who appears with him nightly smiled meekly and was about to say something when he was cut off.

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