1852: Hannity Criticizes Uncle Tom’s Cabin for One-Sided View of Slavery

1852—Speaking to an angry mob in Biloxi, Miss., Historical Fox News Town Crier Sean Hannity criticized the popular novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin as a “one-sided depiction of slavery” and a “typically condescending elite view” of mainstream American values.

The book by Harriet Beecher Stowe has been a runaway best-seller since its release earlier this year, no doubt due in part to a number of lurid, melodramatic scenes, including chases, escapes, and intimations of “the greatest excess” between a master and a dusky maiden. The crux of the novel, however, is Mrs. Stowe’s argument against the South’s institution of labor.

“The whole thing’s a crude set up,” said Hannity. “Reading this book — which I don’t recommend — gives the impression slavery is some kind of oppressive, totalitarian system bent on hunting down fugitives, working old men to death, and selling children down the river. All the slaves in the book are upright, smart, and brave. All the masters are weak, depraved, and cruel.”

“We see almost none of the ennobling spirit of the institution, none of the Christian virtue that marks the true spirit of the plantation. No, this book is all, ‘slavery – bad, ending slavery—good.’ No shades of gray. A total liberal whack job.”

President Millard Fillmore, when pressed for comment, took a different view.

Showing his usual political opportunism, Fillmore played it both ways, admitting he has not read the book on the “Vexed subject of slavery” but saying in a social media post that his wife, “Mrs. F. is much pleased with its Style and interested in its story.”

Fillmore even speculated that the “ever disturbing subject” of the book may one day “send this Union asunder.”

Hannity would have none of it, calling out Fillmore for coddling liberals and snowflakes with his refusal to criticize the “insurrectionary, anti-American” nature of the novel.

Hannity whipped the mob into a frenzy when he talked about the character of Simon Legree, the slaveowner who beats Uncle Tom to death at the climax of the novel.

“The South is full of men like Simon Legree, decent, hard-wording small business owners, and this book doesn’t come close to doing them justice,” said Hannity. “Any idiot knows a man like Legree would never kill a slave – his own property – without good reason.”

“There are two sides to every story, unless that story is Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”

Fortunately, said Hannity, the book is unlikely to have any lasting impact, since the average American can see through such works of Northern, Leftcoast elite propaganda.

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