BREAKING: Devin Nunes Leads Investigation to Exonerate Aaron Burr

After exposing Robert Mueller for corruption, Devin Nunes has turned his eagle eye toward history, where he’s found a “suspiciously trumped up” episode from the early days of the Republic: Thomas Jefferson’s 1807 order to investigate and arrest Aaron Burr.

“Let’s face it, ever since the musical Hamilton came out Burr has gotten a raw deal,” said Nunes, chairman of the House intelligence committee. “Liberal¬†Democrats claim he was a traitor, but everything about his arrest was tainted by bias.”

Burr is best known for killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel, but he was also a small government activist and champion of the forgotten man. In February 1807, he was arrested in Louisiana Territory leading what appeared to be a small private army headed toward New Orleans. Federal agents claimed he had colluded with Mexican and British spies. His alleged goal: provoke a rebellion, separate the Western territories from the U.S. and unite them as an independent nation under his own rule.

“I admit, there’s some documentary evidence he talked with foreign powers,” said Nunes, “but since when is that a crime?”

“Did he plan to lead his own small army? Sure, but who didn’t back then. On the key question of collusion, there’s not one shred of evidence,” added the congressman.

The men who arrested Burr were blinded by liberal bias, said Nunes. In private letters, agents described the former vice president as “a dilberry” and “a¬†flaybottomist.” His secret service code name was “treason-weasel.”

“The rot came from the head of the fish, with President Jefferson himself expressing very publicly his unflinching hatred of traitors,” said Nunes. “This bias against traitors colored all aspects of the case.”

According to Nunes, Burr is misunderstood because of the liberal way American history gets taught in public schools and elite universities.

“Fortunately, the GOP right now is sticking it to education,” said Nunes. “Our full-scale assault on education gives me hope that one day soon, Americans will lose all memory of this and many other events. They will come to understand that certain people, like Aaron Burr, who at first glance seem to be traitors, very often are not traitors, just innocent victims of liberal Democrats, radical academics and the dishonest media.”