America’s Dead Presidents Bash Trump on Twitter

The verdict of history is in: America’s 38 dead presidents have sounded off on Donald Trump and they are not impressed. From George Washington to Ronald Reagan, they think he’s a walking dumpster fire. Even Trump’s hero Andrew Jackson calls 45 a “worse bigot than I was.” If the dead presidents were voting, Trump would lose in a landslide to James Buchanan, who until recently was considered the worst president of all time.

Here are some opinions the dead presidents shared on Twitter this year.

On Trump-Russia

On his golf habit:

On his presidency so far:

Trump Train Wreck


On the pleasures of being dead:

On his tax returns:

On insulting Gold Star families:

On freedom of the press:

On his family:

On Trump betraying U.S. secrets:

On his thin skin:

On his moral fiber:

On stealing their words:

On White Supremacists, Charlottesville & the Confederacy:

And on their favorite subject, how much better he makes them look:

Finally, one defense — of his diet: