1786: Huckabee Rejects Muslim-Loving Jefferson’s Statute for Religious Freedom

Alexandria, Virginia, 1786 — Fox News pamphleteer Rev. Mike Huckabee says all true patriots must stand firmly against Thomas “Hussein” Jefferson’s Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom.. Huckabee says the state law, adopted today, is an attack on Christianity.

“The only freedom this law creates is the liberty of the Mahometan to put innocent Christians to the garotte,” writes Huckabee in his latest pamphlet, “In Defense of the One, True Religion and My Personal Savior Jesus Christ.”

The statute, which Jefferson and leftists have pushed for almost a decade, would disestablish the Church of England in Virginia and guarantee freedom of religion for people of all alleged faiths, including Anabaptists, Catholics, Jews, Muslims and Hindus.

“The logical result of this un-American statute,” writes Rev. Huckabee, “is that pagans, deists and even Mahometans might one day obtain offices among us.”

“It’s one thing to allow an occasional Quaker to serve the state,” writes Rev. Huckabee, “but a Catholic, Jew or Musselman? This is not what my ancestors signed up for when they fled religious persecution in England.”

As Fox News readers know, the Reverend has long been an outspoken critic of Jefferson, maintaining that the so-called “Sage” of Monticello was not born a Christian. Despite outward appearances, Jefferson is either an atheist or Muslim, contends Huckabee.

“I remind all readers that we have yet to see proof that Mr. Jefferson was born in a Christian Land,” notes Rev. Huckabee. “All indications are he is of a Barbary origin.”

Huckabee referred of course to the controversy ever since Jefferson failed to produce the Birth Register that would prove he was, as he has claimed, born to Christian parents in Shadwell, Virginia.

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